Are Pastors and Church Leaders (Predominantly Male) Failing to Meet the Needs of Single Mothers?

Dr. Chris Stroble / Published on October 8, 2023

On a regular basis, I sit in church and listen to pastors and church leaders talk about marriage and marriage conferences. I hear them talk about how Satan is after your marriage, how Satan is after your children. I wholeheartedly agree that Satan is after our children, and you know who are the children most vulnerable and susceptible to Satan's attack? Children of single mothers.

They are vulnerable, and Satan knows they are an easy target because so many (millions) do not have an earthly father to take his rightful place and cover them, and what grieves me, is that the Church leadership is not taking decisive and deliberate steps to counter his attacks against children.

Do they not realize that Satan wants to keep the church silent about uninvolved and unloving fathers? He wants to keep the male leadership minimizing a father's responsibility to his children. Why? Because then he maintains free reign. Children have no earthly father to protect and defend them. 

When there is a male presence, Satan backs up, and he really cannot have his way with a man of God with discernment. When this is absent, the mother has to fight to defend herself and her child, and constantly fighting wears her down. Think about this: When Satan deceived Eve, where was Adam? Absent. 

Does the church not realize that Satan is against the Church taking a stance on holiness, and by us doing things our own way, Satan is using us to destroy our own families, and we are playing into his hands. 

Here are some questions for pastors and church leaders:

  1. Are you publicly addressing the needs of single mothers (divorced and never married) in your church - many of whom, according to Jim Daly of Focus on the Family: "have been abandoned and forced into single parenthood."
  2. Are you addressing the children of single mothers and publicly declaring that God is not pleased with earthly fathers who abandon their children?
  3. How do you address their needs?
  4. What are you doing to encourage single mothers and their children to flourish in the state they are in?

If you are not doing anything, how do you explain that you are not meeting the needs of what is probably a significant and vulnerable population in your church? Single mothers and their children.

How do you explain that?

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