Nautilus Book Award Winner- Helping Teen Moms Graduate

Dr. Chris Stroble / Published on June 13, 2024

I recently learned that my book, Helping Teen Moms Graduate: Strategies for Families, Schools, and Community Organizations (Rowman & Littlefield, Feb. 15, 2023), has won another book award. The 2024 Nautilus Book Awards named my book a Silver Winner in the Social Sciences & Education category. Thank you to The Nautilus Book Awards for this tremendous vote of confidence.

There were several people who helped me birth this book. I always want to thank and acknowledge them.

Two women have been and continue to be my midwives. They guide me - add this, move that, consider that. Lisa Tener and E. (Emily) Claudette Freemen. Their feedback and support continue to be a catalyst for my writing. Lisa, a past winner, is the one who encouraged me to enter the Nautilus Book Awards contest.

I will also be forever grateful to Tom Koerner, formerly of Rowman & Littlefield Education Publishers. I struggled to finish Helping Teen Moms Graduate. Single parenting and health challenges were overwhelming at times, but Tom would not let me give up on this project. He kept emailing me and encouraging me to finish. I'm so grateful now for Tom's continued persistence, support, and encouragement.

The Competition Process

The process of entering a contest and finding out if you are a winner is lengthy. It takes several months. The judges have to read hundreds of books.

Each contest has its own process, but what typically happens is that 3-5 judges read and score your book. They use a scoring rubric that consists of elements from the quality of the writing (clear, concise, readable) to the design of the book cover. 

To be selected as a Silver Winner, as I was, 2-3 judges have to rate your book between an 8 and 8.9 out of 10. That is a big deal. A group of other authors scored your work as worthy of literary excellence. That's a confidence booster. Thank you to The Nautilus Book Awards for that. 

I am excited to be a part of the Nautilus family now. To learn more or to enter your book in the contest, visit The Nautilus Book Awards.

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