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Dr Chris – The Dr. Chris Stroble Show Podcast is a bi-weekly show that coaches you on emotional health and wellness. I have been on my emotional health and wellness journey for over 15 years. I've coached individuals on their journey, I've hosted a radio show on emotional health and wellness, and I'm the founder of an organization, Teen Moms Anonymous, that coaches teen parents and women who have been teen parents on emotional health and wellness. I'm excited to share resources and information on The Dr. Chris Stroble Show Podcast.

Coming Soon! 

Helping Teen Moms Graduate,

winner of two book awards --

2023 PenCraft Book Award Winner

2024 Nautilus Book Award Winner

is a much-needed resource for families, schools, and community organizations who support pregnant and parenting students as they strive to complete their education.

Currently the CDC reports that only 50% of pregnant and parenting students earn a high school diploma. I wrote Helping Teen Moms Graduate to offer strategies to help more pregnant and parenting students graduate.