Love for Black Single Moms

You Are Not The Problem 

Publishes May 28th, 2024!

You can pre-order the Kindle edition on Amazon NOW for only $3.99, and it will automatically download on May 28th, 2024.

Hi! I'm Dr. Chris

I am an award-winning author and keynote speaker in the Upstate of SC. I am passionate about helping teens and single moms live a life of purpose.  

I am a former public school English teacher and college professor. I received my Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

In 2020, I began pursuing my dream of writing, speaking, and coaching others toward emotional health and wellness. To expand my reach beyond individual coaching, I hosted my weekly radio talk show for nearly two years, providing listeners with research-based information on healing and trauma recovery. My show was heard throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

I continue to expand my reach with my writing. I am the award-winning author of Helping Teen Moms Graduate: Strategies for Families, Schools, and Community Organizations (Feb. 15, 2023) and my new book, Love For Black Single Moms: You Are Not The Problem, publishes May 28, 2024! 

I live in the Upstate of SC with my teenage son.

Founder of Teen Moms Anonymous

I am the founder of Teen Moms Anonymous, a Christ-centered support group program for pregnant and parenting teens ages 15-19 and women who have been teen moms. Teen Moms Anonymous is a safe place where participants can (1) meet others who have walked a similar path, (2) find emotional and moral support, and (3) learn skills and find resources to help them grow into a more confident, skilled woman and mother. We offer virtual/online support groups, a blog, and podcast. 

I am myself the daughter of a teen mom, and my story mirrors the research on the many Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that teen moms and children of teen moms have faced.

I however broke the cycle of teen pregnancy, and I've been on my journey of healing from trauma for over 15 years. I now use what helped me to coach other teen and single moms and their children to a life of purpose and emotional health and wellness. I share my journey in my inspirational memoir, Daughter of a Teen Mom: A Memoir (Forthcoming 2026). 

Click below to learn more about Teen Moms Anonymous.

Helping Teen Moms Graduate,

winner of a 2023 PenCraft Book Award, 

is a much-needed resource for families, schools, and community organizations who support pregnant and parenting students as they strive to complete their education.

Currently the CDC reports that only 50% of pregnant and parenting students earn a high school diploma. I wrote Helping Teen Moms Graduate to offer strategies to help more pregnant and parenting students graduate.