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Helping Teen Moms Graduate: Strategies for Families, Schools, and Community Organization - Christine M. Stroble (Feb,15, 2023, Rowman & Littlefield)

---2024 - Nautilus Book Award Winner  

---2023 - PenCraft Book Award Winner  

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Choice (the go-to source for college librarians seeking worthwhile new titles for their collection).

The Top 75 Community College Titles: September 2023 Edition - Choice 360

PR1, Hardback, 9781475828108, Rowman & Littlefield, $75.00, Qty. Avail.: 10, 2/15/2023

• Choice ReviewsSeptember 2023 issue: “Stroble relies on her background and time working with pregnant teens to provide the backbone for Helping Teen Moms Graduate. She connects readers to real situations and voices, offering both insight and emotion. Experience and personal narratives allow readers to see the person and note the discrimination and barriers for pregnant teens. Chapters feature in-depth knowledge of Title IX and practical advice, reflecting the knowledge of an author who has spent her career working in this field. The final chapter, directed at those experiencing teen pregnancy, is a must read for those working in this field. The material offers practical tips from Stroble's work as a practitioner but lacks theoretical research. Inconsistencies with the empirical research, and a short bibliography make this volume a first step for exploration. Qualitative sources provide a powerful story and speak to the need for further in-depth research. This volume will be especially helpful for community leaders and support groups. Recommended. Practitioners and general readers.”

---The Top 75 Community College Titles: September 2023 Edition - Choice 360

Book Talk Reviews - Wofford College 

March 15, 2023

Dr. Stroble compassionately and articulately spells out what pregnant teens need in order to successfully finish high school, even college, and pursue the career of their choice. Her research and book talk are valuable resources for families of pregnant teens, and “must reading” for every high school teacher in America. Her research brings much clarity and focus to a delicate and important subject matter.

H. Paul Thompson, Jr., Ph.D. 

Dean, College of Humanities and Sciences

Professor of History

North Greenville University 

Dr. Christine Stroble is unique in addressing all the social actors that can support or thwart teen moms on their path toward graduation from high school or college. She shows how families, public policy, schools and communities, and the young women themselves are all critical. As a teacher, I particularly appreciate her practical counsel on how to take a non-judgmental, trauma-informed approach with individual students. Dr. Stroble’s book is a highly constructive resource and her live presentation is very moving.

William E. DeMars, Ph.D.

Professor of Government & International Affairs

Wofford College  

Lunch and Learn - Greer Middle School

Friday, September 29, 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your career as an author with our students. You were so patient with and kind to our middle schoolers. You provided great information about your writing, your purpose as a writer, and writing resources for students. Your expertise and passion for teen moms and single moms is evident and Greer Middle School appreciates you taking the time to share.

Allison Rosemond

School Counselor

Greer Middle School

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